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IInvestigation 2:Effectivness of Drug X and Arthramat on arthritic joints Aim: To investigate the effectiveness of Drug X in reducing swelling and pain and improving movement at arthritic joint. Variables: * Experimental/Independent: Drug X * Dependent: Reduction of swelling of swelling and making movement of arthritic joints easier and less painful * Control: * Number of patients need to be same * Patients need to be healthy * Both groups needed to be given same quantity of the drug * Both groups have to have the same length of treatment * Both groups must have close to the same environmental condition * Both groups need close to the same diet Hypothesis: Drug X will be more effective in reducing swelling and pain and improving movement at arthritic joint Pre-testing: -Test for arthritis - Check the medical history of patients ( if they are allergic to anything etc) - Do a blood test on patients - Do an Anti-CCP test (tests for rheumatoid antibodies that measures levels of anti bodies in the blood) Methodology to allow ethical and safe data collection: 1. Interview patients and select individuals based on medical history. Medical records are to be kept confidential. 2. Ensure that there are 2 groups of 25 people partaking in the investigation. 3. Group 1, the experimental group is given Drug X and Group 2 is given Arthramat. 4. At first signs of immobility and pain, the drugs are administered to the patients. The duration of the treatment will be 8 weeks. 5. Patients are to be assessed by a physician to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. Patients are also given a questionnaire to fill out regarding joint mobility and pain. 6. Compare the results between the two groups to determine which drug is more effective. Measures to achieve reliability and to reduce errors: *
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