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Investigation On Refractive Index Of A Perspex Essay

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Experiment on finding the Refractive Index value of Perspex using Snell’s law


The aim of this experiment is to find the refractive index of Perspex, using Snell’s law. By shining a ray at a prism and drawing the incoming and out coming ray, and then drawing the normal and measuring the angles.


Table 1: table of variables

Identify the variable(s) How will the variable(s) be changed, measured, and/or controlled?
Independent variable(s) Angle of incidence Move the box around so that the ray hits the prism at different angle.
Dependent variable(s) Angle of refraction Measure the angle with a protractor.
Controlled variable(s) The refractive index
The position of the Perspex Trace it on a piece of paper, this is where it will be placed it it got moved.
Same light source Same ray box
Same protractor and unit Use the same protractor
Same piece of Perspex Use only one Perspex prism


If a light is shone at the Perspex, then the light will be refracted because of the shape of the Perspex, and because it is pasting through a medium. If the angle of incidence and refraction was measured and calculated the refracted index would be about 1.49, since the refractive index of a substance is always the same.


- Ray box
- Power supply
- Wires
- Perspex prism
- Paper
- Ruler and protractor
- Single slit slide
- Quadruplet slits slide
- 2 colored slides


1. Place the 2 color slides together on the correct side of the box e
2. Place the quadruplet slits slide on the other side
3. Connect the light box to the power supply with the wires
4. Place the box on a paper
5. Adjust the rays until they are parallel
6. Place the prism on the paper and trace the prism on the paper
7. Turn the box on and adjust the lights to make sure that the light rays are parallel.
8. Switch the quadruplet slits slide with the single slit slide
9. Shine the light at the prims
10. Mark the light...

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