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Jesus Leon April 19, 2015 World Religions Mr. Kenneth Rick Identifying Hinduism The Vedas are considered by followers of Hinduism to be supreme they are used to identify spiritual paths within the religion by delegating certain Vedas with specific responsibilities of worship. There are many deities within Hinduism but this paper will discuss the five most important deities within the Hindu text and their responsible functions and beliefs that are associated with each one. To begin with the Hindu god of Indra, he is the lord of the heavens and skies who rides upon a white elephant named Airvata while wielding a weapon of lighting named Vajraduh which was created by a minor god named Tvastur. He is usually associated with the slaying demons in order to save the other gods. His most famous victory was the slaying of the demon of the dark skies named Vratasura “His most famous achievement was slaying of Vratasura. He slayed the demon of the dark skies (symbolically the clouds) with his weapon (the lightning) and released the cows (waters) that were held in captivity by him For Indra“(Maheshwari, Ph.D, 2014). Varuna is the god who is associated as the ruler of all the worlds associated with Hinduism. He is known as the god who knows and sees all that is happening and is often related with enforcing justice within followers of the religion. Varuna is said to be able to see everything as his spies are the rays of light which are emitted from the sun. He lost importance and admiration after Indra gained more popularity for slaying the demon of the dark he now rules the western hemisphere and mostly water. Agni is another God that is found within the Hindu religion and he can be described as one who enjoys the drink soma along with Indra. Agni and Indra are often invoked together because of their love for drinking soma. Agni is the chosen priest who is the god of

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