Inventory System Essay

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Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction The beginning of the online technology has made the entire process of every system both challenging and easy on part of the human resource group. There are now online job ads, recruitment websites available in the internet which altogether can help the managers and the other member of the group to perform the functions quite effectively and efficiently. In fact, due to the availability of everything online now nothing has to be done manually. Right from the posting of the ad, processing data, accessing home computer remotely, everything can be done online. The greatest thing about the online technology is that the human resource group can even conduct the monitoring and its processes online. One of the businesses that can benefit with the online technologies nowadays is the pharmacy. Pharmacy revolves around people and medicines with special emphasis on the manufacture of medicines, their supply, appropriate use and effects. The ultimate concern of pharmacy is to ensure that the patient receives the appropriate medicines and benefits from the proper use of these. And one of the known pharmacies here in the Philippines is the, The Generics Pharmacy. The Generics Pharmacy stemmed from its mother company, registered in 1949. In 1959, when a group of Filipino entrepreneurs took over, the company began importing and wholesaling pharmaceutical products. In 1989, with the prices of medical and pharmaceutical products soaring, the company decided to sell generic drugs primarily to government hospitals to help less privileged Filipinos avail affordable quality medicines. Heeding the call for cheaper medicine, the company stepped up its distribution by opening its retail arm in 2001. In 2007, The Generics Pharmacy tapped Francorp, the world leader in franchising, to engineer its franchise development and growth.

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