Inventory at Wheeled Coach

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GSCM-206: Managing Supply Operations Angela M. Meeks Inventory Control at Wheeled Coach Week 6 Case Study June 14, 2015 Dr. Albert Lapierre Inventory Control at Wheeled Coach Q1: Explain how Wheeled Coach implemented ABC analysis Wheeled Coach Implements ABC analysis through categorization by identifying and classifying different items within their inventory based on annual dollar amounts. For example, they classify the high-dollar amounts items as being A. The A category, represents some 15% of the total inventory, but only 70%-80% of the total cost. The B category, represents those items that are mid-level or medium value which represents 30% of the items and 12%-25% of the value. The C category, the low dollar items, which represents 5% of the annual dollar volume, but only about 55% of the total items. Almost 50% of the $40,000 to $100,000 of the cost to manufacture new ambulances is based on purchasing materials. Q2: If you were to take over as inventory control manager at Wheeled Coach, what additional policies and techniques would you initiate to ensure accurate inventory records? If I were the inventory control manager, I will not only depend on ABC analysis, but I would improve the physical control on the stockroom. By establishing a good cycle counting system, this procedure will ensure that all parts that appear on the bill of materials will coincide with the inventory reports. In addition, this would allow us to focus on the items required instead of available inventory, and ensure that items are being ordered in the correct amounts, along with scheduling and shipping. All incoming and outgoing records will be closely monitored for accuracy. If there are any inaccuracies, they would be traced and rectified to ensure the inventory system will
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