Inventions In The 1920s

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Inventions and technologies in the ‘roaring’ 20s The roaring twenties was a golden era for technology however primitive many inventions that were created in the 20s are the basis in which many of our newer technologies such as modern cures and treatments stand other inventions remain unchanged to this day Before the 1920s people had spent four years of war people were constantly chased by fear for their families.As well as sacrificing their small everyday luxuries. After the war, people suffered the horrific outcomes of the Spanish influenza which wiped out more people in one year than the four years of war did altogether. People were tires of scrimping and saving so now they indulged in the new technologies that the world – or some very intelligent minds - had created.…show more content…
Until than women had been content to dry their hair by sticking a pipe into the exhaust of a vacuum cleaner the first hair dryers were large and bulky and not very easy to manoeuvre, the first hand held hair dryer wasn’t invented until 1951 however the idea was there. Another one of the first inventions would be the band - aid invented by Earle Dickson who made the first band aid for the first time for his wife Josaphine Dickson. Earle worked in a company that manufactured gauze and tape he fashioned a crude ancestor for the band- aid with a piece of tape with gauze in the middle for years later the company produced his invention calling it the
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