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Inventions Essay

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Directions:   Reread the following article.   The trainer will walk you through each of the steps of summary writing. Then as a class you will write a summary

The editor of Future World Magazine look at the
inventions we will need for a brighter future.

Everyone has their favourite invention.   Some of us even make lists of them.   One survey recently named the toilet as the world’s greatest ever invention. Another survey, which asked for Britain’s’ greatest inventions, named the bicycle, which received twice as many votes as the World Wide Web.   That’s the past, but what about the future?   What inventions will shape our lives? J.B. S Haldane, a British scientist and not one of life’s optimists, once made his predictions for the future.   He said that whatever hadn’t happened would happen and no one would be safe from it.   Whether you agree or not, one thing is beyond doubt: human beings need to invent a few things pretty quickly.   Here is our own list:  

Number one is a new source of power.   Oil is running out.   A teenager, in a recent letter to a newspaper, wrote that it would take over a hundred years to produce fresh oil.   He was wrong by a few million years.   Once our oil is gone, it’s gone forever.   We have about fifty years’ worth left, less if rates of industrialization accelerate.   A hundred million new cars will need lots of oil. At a recent conference about the world’s future, scientist Hilary Craft said we have already found the answer:   solar power.   She said we could expect enormous mirrors in the sky that would reflect sunlight and provide the world’s electricity.   We wait with bated breath.  

Number two on our list is a waste processor.   Throughout most of history we just threw the rubbish out the back door. If the jungle didn’t swallow it, wild animals would get it.   Once the jungle disappeared, we started burying our waste underground or chucking it into the sea.   Now we’re running out of space.   If we want to avoid...

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