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Maria Camacho English 2341527 Mr. Haske October 7, 2011 Invented Hero Satan is usually seen as evil, the enemy of God and mankind, and a powerful entity but, in Milton’s story he is created as the hero. In the epic story “Paradise Lost” written by John Milton, Milton focuses on Satan and develops him as alluring and heroic entity. In the story Satan (Devil) and his rebellious angels were cast out from Heaven by God for deceiving Adam and Eve. Satan disguised himself as a serpent and tricked the mother of mankind Eve into eating the fruit from forbidden tree and eventually brought death and suffering to all human beings. After Satan and his angels were cast out from Heaven into Hell, Satan plans to go to war with God despite losing the first war against God. Even though Satan had been defeated by God, he vows never to give up on his rebellion against God. In the epic story “Paradise Lost”, Satan is created as somewhat of a hero by never giving up, rebelling against God, supposedly being an advocate for humans, and showing no remorse towards his actions for the reason he believed he had done the right thing. In Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, Satan is invented as the hero by rebelling against God. In lines 34-38 Milton uses the literary device of allusion by applying the book of Genesis from the bible to the epic story making epic story is easier to understand. “The infernal Serpent; he it was, whose guile stirred up with envy and revenge, deceived the mother of mankind, what time his pride had cast him out of Heaven with all his host of rebel angels, by whose aid aspiring to set himself in glory above his peers.” The lines show Satan trying to be heroic to the angels by rebelling against God because he felt the love God had towards mankind was wrong, since God created the angels first and the angels loved God first. Not only did Satan refuse to accept God’s love

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