Invasive Species Essay

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Dangers of Invasive Species Invasive species should have laws against them; they are a major threat because they can destroy ecosystems and threaten other animals/plants and even humans. What are Invasive Species? Invasive species are organisms introduced into a non-native ecosystem and which cause, or are likely to cause harm to the economy, environment or human health (“Laws”, para. 12). If one thing that should be in your mind while you read this is the Florida Everglades and our great lakes. Both are endangered of invasive species because of either the owner’s carelessness or by accident from when people came to the new world. Things that will be pointed out in this paper is the dangers of invasive species and what the opposing views thinks of the problem that is threating animals and our existence. In Florida they have major problems with invasive species like Burmese pythons; during October of last year a crew worker went to Tree Island in the Florida’s Everglades to cut down lygodium vines, which is also an invasive species, but on one of the vines was actually a 16-foot Burmese python dangling from a tree, the crew worker shot the snake and killed it with a shotgun the python killed swallowed a 76-pound deer (Weeks para. 2). In Florida the Burmese python is dangous to the Everglades and they’re not only in the Everglades they are starting to move north into homes. Because of Hurricane Andrew in 1992 some of the huge snakes escaped captivity and others were released by their owners who decided they couldn’t handle the snakes once they grow to their full size (Weeks para. 3). The Florida State officials have been removing some snakes; they removed more than 1,300 Burmese pythons from the Everglades between the years of 200 and 2010 (Weeks para. 4). These snakes threaten the endangered wild life and human residents. In 2005 a python swallowed a 6-foot
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