Invasive Species Essay

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First of all Q: What is an invasive or invasive alien species (IAS)? Answer: An invasive species or an invasive alien species is defined as a plant, animal or pathogen that is not native to an area, and "whose introduction does or is likely to change economic or environmental of this place What you think about the invasive species? It is a benefit or the harmful? Before 1863, Australia is a place with full of green grass. A famous case of invasive species is the Australia rabbit, because of the accidently bring 16 rabbits to the Australia; rabbit population is increasing too fast without any limit. Now day you will find Australia has become the worst place from the disaster of rabbits in the world. 1, 引进新物种为人类的发展提供了许多条件和机会,给世界各国和地区创造了巨大的经济利益 Introduction of new species of human development provides a number of conditions and opportunities for countries and regions of the world to create a large economic benefit Such as some plant and animals as some specie which is used to visional. 2. 作为牧草或饲料, 粮食。 As a forage or feed, food. Example,potato as a staple food enter into the china. 在17世纪时后,马铃薯传播到中国,由于马铃薯非常适合在原来粮食产量极低,只能生长莜麦的高寒地区生长,很快在内蒙、河北、山西、陕西北部普及,马铃薯和玉米、番薯等从美洲传入的高产作物成为贫苦阶层的主要食品,对维持中国人口的迅速增加起到了重要作用。 In the 17th century, the potato spread to China, because the potato is very low for grain yield in the original, only the growth of the growth of naked oats in the alpine region, and soon in Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shanxi, northern Shaanxi, universal, potatoes and corn, sweet potatoes and other high-yielding crops introduced from the Americas to become the poor class of the main food, the maintenance of the rapid increase of China's population has played an important role. 3. 适当的引进物种可以优化当地的物种种类~使生态系统稳定性提高. Introduced species can pick up some disadvantage species in this environment which is to increase the stability of ecosystem. For
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