Invaluable to Society Essay

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In chapter 5, the topic for this chapter is “The Work World”, it offers experiences and value from a different kinds of jobs. It contains interesting painting with a variety of jobs expressed in every painting and stories written by different authors explaining their experiences in the job field. I became interested in is the value different kinds of work people perform daily. Society, in my perspective, doesn’t approve low paying jobs to be professional. This chapter 5 show the variety range of jobs and the value of them with there issues. In my opinion, a professional job can be range from a doctor to a janitor. The importance of the job is that is beneficial to out society and need to be valuable. Society doesn’t not value the importance of the low paying for job in the job field. It’s necessary for our survivor for every job honestly worked had for to overcome their issues . The benefit we obtain from every job is beneficial to our humanity therefore it should be valuable in our society. Many issue occur in the job field. One issue is how some work deprives men and women for the humanity. For society low paying jobs are “unprofessional” and the importance in unseen. Another issue would be the paid salary. Many jobs are so ridiculously low paid, that it hard to survive with the money gained from it. For this, I believe society should be thankful and rise the job pay for having the job done, many other don’t take. What give the value of the job is the honesty and the benefit be gain. Thanks for the jobs that everyday employees get done everyday, we fulfill our needs in life. Ranging from a doctor who helps cure ill people to the people that pick up our trash so it wont accumulate around our environment. Every job is crucially importance and should be valuable to our

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