Introvert Personality in Leadership Essay

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Hyun Jong Yoo Megan Ficek 06 27 2012 ESL101-001 Introvert Personality in Leadership A few years ago my friend brings me some interesting test called the MBTI psychological personality test. The MBTI, also known as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, is mainly used to identify personalities based on seemingly random questions that are ultimately all related to point out what type of personality type I am. (MBTI) I already have had my teenager age and I know my personality type. My result was introverted personality, and preferred artistic and sensitive. The MBTI introverted personality type says that introvert type does not get energy from outside. It means an introverted person develops good energy from themselves. Nowadays, many people wish to become a good leader, but many have the preconception that an extroverted personality is required to become good leaders. Moreover they believe introverts have disadvantages in our social activities. However, I believe this misconception distorts the truth because an introverted personality actually qualifies for leadership in our current society. From this reason, I think introverted people are good enough to become a good leader. First of all, what is introverted personality and why introverted people are blamed by other people? As we know introverted person is more consideration for other party than extroverted. But it is not a problem who wants to become a leader. When someone wants to be a leader, they have to have own charisma and gregariousness. Because, charisma works his or her enthusiastic social character also gregariousness makes comfortable atmosphere with friends or company. As academic researcher mentioned in article says that “People who think before they act and listen before they talk can be very effective leaders. The reflective, thoughtful person may be able to learn, and encourage learning, in

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