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Introductory Essay A word that would describe me is ‘integrity’. I am always true with myself, with others, with my words. I am responsible for my deeds, my act. I am a man who keeps his words, his promises. I am never ever going to say I would do which I won’t, and never ever going to say I won’t do which I plan to do, I want to do. I know it seems philosophical, not practical. But my ‘integrity’ is philosophy of my life, and definitely I am a practical man. I never try to hide my shortcoming to show-off myself neither I pretend to be what I am not. That’s my ethics, my truthfulness, my honesty, in short my integrity. People say I am an honest and kind. Definitely I am caring to my friends and family. I am same with others too. I love people, love to help them. On occasions I have volunteered in old people homes, orphanages and community hospitals. Before I die, I want to give my contribution for the underprivileged communities, for the people who need it, who are victims of disparity and inequality. I am happy to listen to people in grief and try to help them the way I could. I personally find myself to very optimistic and calm. In my childhood, a teacher of mine had said, “No one is completely good or bad, we need to figure the good in everyone.” I always remember this quote of her and always try to follow it. This is what makes me the way I am, that is calm and optimistic. I do encourage my mates and family members as well to be optimistic. I am confident and independent as far as I could be. I feel no shy to learn from my mistakes. I can make quick and right

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