Introduction to Terrorism Essay

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Criminal Psychology, Module 1: Introduction. On September the 9th, 2001, a series if co-ordinated attacks were carried in the U.S.A using four hijacked aeroplanes. Two crashed into the North and South towers of The World Trade Centre while a third crashed into the Pentagon partially destroying the west wing and the last plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. Although originally denying involvement, Osama Bin Laden, leader of Al Qaeda, eventually admitted responsibility (CBS News 9/10/04) His motives, he claimed, were the sanctions imposed on Iraq and the U.S support of Israel. He also demanded that U.s troops must leave Saudi Arabia. The devastation caused was immense with over 3000 people losing their lives and around 90 countries lost citizens amongst these casualties. The American government responded to these attacks by deploying troops to Afghanistan to find and bring Bin Laden to justice along with eliminating the Taliban. In contrast, another 'act of terrorism', was the death of Georgi Markov who was a dissident writher and dramatist who defected from Bulgaria in 1969 and eventually settled in London where he worked as a journalist for the BBC World Service. It was thought that his broadcasts on Radio Free Europe speaking out against the communist regime in Bulgaria were making the Bulgarian Government nervous and later, after Markovs death, his widow Annabel, was to say that her husband had once been a friend of the then Bulgarian leader, Zodor Zhivkov, and they were frightened of what he may reveal during his broadcasts regarding the inner workings of the Communist party. Markov died on the 11th September three days after he was attacked by a man weilding an umbrella believed to be an intricate weapon that fired a Ricin pellet into his leg. He believed he had been poisoned by a 'Communist agent with a thick foreign accent' (the Guardian
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