Introduction To Teaching Essay

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What professionalism is, and what technically defines a profession as opposed to an occupation have been debated for many years. Merriam-Webster defines ‘profession’ as ‘a calling requiring specialised knowledge and often long intensive academic preparation’. Stinnett (1962) implies the same definition; ‘an occupation based upon specialised intellectual study and training…’ Despite the attempts made, there is no official definition of what classes a profession. Rather, there is a list of acquired characteristics to help define a profession. These characteristics can be seen through the views of Stinnett & Huggett (1963), Purvis (1973, and Travers & Reborc (1990) which similarly share the views that a profession involves a body of specialised knowledge which is gained through extended preparation, on-going professional development, pursuit of research and a commitment to excellence in the diffusion of knowledge, a certain code of ethics, a high level of commitment where work and leisure hours often intermingle & a lifelong career commitment and service to society. Professional teachers understand that teaching is a complex profession that requires the use of different types of knowledge and are able to draw from their existing body of knowledge to make informed decisions and use this knowledge to guide classroom practice. The transmission of subject matter knowledge to students is a primary focus of teaching. Therefore, it is obvious that the teacher has a need for a firm grasp of the subject. To be able to teach successfully, the teacher requires a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Professional teachers hold a strong belief in the ideal of service of teaching. They have confidence in the social value of their work, and strive to educate the community, and emphasise on the importance of teaching. Professional teachers should always strive to improve

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