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Introduction to Social Research Essay

  • Submitted by: swimfan76
  • on March 27, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Rational for study / Introduction
Statement of the problem
Research question/aims and objectives
Hypothesis   formulation
Identification and definition of variables
Population and sample
Data collection
Data analysis / Presentation

Research Proposal
What are the socio - economic and demographic characteristics of prisoners in jail/lock ups in the cooperate area?

Rational for study /Introduction
To highlight the reason why young innocent males at birth through their socialization and culture become criminals ending up in lock ups/jail. In order for corrective measures to be taken this in-depth background study has to be done. This will also provide useful information to proactive parents as to the proper upbringing of their children especially the boys. Deviance had always been accepted norms in my demographic area of study, which will show that these deviant behaviours can be the chief architect for them ending up in jail.
It will also be good to find out why these young men are prepared to take up a life of crime, risk being killed or end up in prison. Even though these criminals are of a poor socio-economic background they are able to fund their expensive criminal enterprises e.g. guns, ammunitions, name brand shoes and clothes. After highlighting this study to the Jamaican population especially the youth via their guidance counselors in schools, media, example some television program etc., will see that lockups is not the place to be. City life ministries “caring for inner city communities”, Kingston J.I.S.   February 28 2010. City Life Ministries based in south side, Central Kingston has been serving the need of, and providing opportunities of hope for the citizens living in the wider inner city communities Kingston for 5 years. City life also works to remove some the tension between communities by hosting events such as treats and sporting events where...

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