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Introduction to psychology Psychology is the study of mental process and cognition, It looks at the human mind and study’s the functions and reactions of it, It looks at how the mind works and how it stores and retrieves information. Its studies behavior, and links emotions to the body languages expressed through the internal messages sent from the mind. The minds perception of external phenomena, and the processes that effect this perception, are also important areas in academic psychological study. Psychology is then regarded as a science and the reason it is regarded as a science is because it uses investigations and research methods to prove its theories. These methods include surveys, questionnaires, interviews and observations. Once sufficient data is collected and a hypothesis has been formed predictions can be made and in conclusion change or control can be asserted. Psychology overlaps into other areas of science such as sociology, philosophy and biology. You can see these overlaps into other disciplines more clearly when you look at the unique studies that have taken place when looking into mental behavior processes and the brain. The main aims of psychology are to differentiate myth from reality, science from pseudoscience and this is achieved through the gathering of empirical evidence, which can be through either deductive or inductive reasoning. With deductive reasoning a theory is posited which is then narrowed to a more specific, testable hypothesis which is then confirmed or disproved through observation and testing. Inductive reasoning, on the other hand, starts with a specific observation of a phenomena which, when repeated, can be seen to develop patterns which can lead to a preliminary hypothesis and then a more general theory. A related method is Karl Poppers concept of falsifiability which is the idea that for a scientific theory to have

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