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Introduction To Personality Paper

  • Submitted by: peterssa
  • on December 5, 2010
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Introduction to Personality Paper
Stefanni Peters
University of Phoenix

Introduction to Personality Paper
Personality theorists differ on the definition of personality as definition can be changed depending on the experience and worldview of the theorists. Most theorists will agree that personality is a pattern of semi-permanent traits that lend stability to behavior and individuality. Traits can be responsible for differences in personality and stability. Although each species or group may share the same traits the pattern is of the traits are unique to each individual. This result is individual personality regardless of the same genetic make up. “These personality characteristics are what contribute to an individual temperament, physique, and intelligence” (Feist & Feist, 2009).
Personality theorists have a broad perspective within psychology and share in many theoretical traditions. Six major theoretical aspects of human nature can be examined to explain personalities.   The first aspect is determinism versus free choice. This aspect examines determinism that is a force beyond an individual’s control that determines his or her behavior. These forces are considered to be environmental, unconscious, or biological varying by theory. An example of determinism would be environmental determinism and the effects weather has on a culture. Cultures that experience warm moderate temperatures may not have to labor as hard for survival. This environmental determinism affects personality and behavior without being controlled on conscious. The other side of this theory is that of free will. Free will is the control an individual has over his or her behavior and the understanding of the motives behind that behavior. Free will makes an individual responsible for his or her choices or behavior. For example, if I an individual is presented with alcohol or soda to drink, the individual considers both and decides which one he or she will drink. The behavior is based on...

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