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Introduction To Music Essay

  • Submitted by: positivej
  • on April 11, 2009
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Introduction to music 1030
October 6, 2008

Introduction to music
Review paper

We have many different ways of expressing feelings and sounds through our emotions and pains and where our train of thought is being located through others in music. One thing I learn is that no matter what you are going through it can be expressed musically or in a more soulful poetic way. The musical event that I attend was interesting because I had a touch of all musical inspirations from jazz, rock, hip hop, pop and in most soundings new generation rap. The first part was jazz it was a smoother cooler type jazz that a poet can express her feelings in the background to go along with. The instruments consist of drums, saxophone (alto, tenor) for that portion of the music.
The name of the band within the event was called Word Up! The audience was a good size as well I would personally it was about a good 50 to 60 people around maybe more as it got later, Total instruments that was there was six by fact and it was all acoustic instruments except the keyboards. The favorites that I like d about the event I came to was that it was original sounding referring to the instruments that was played nothing synthesized or really electric, thoughts and the atmosphere was very positive, and the most important one is that music was different combination of hip hop and jazz made it a more unique sound. The least favorites about the event is that the poets were using racial and more problems of the world more than anything and cursing was said fluently before words you could grasp and understand.
The reactions of the audience to the performance were good and it wasn’t a come in go situation or stay for a min the leave then come back. It was more a sit and stay thing, people was relating to the sound of the music as the saxophone was played and how the poet responded through the voice of the electric piano. My overall feeling of the performance was more like a motivation to do well...

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