Introduction to Marketing Phase 5 – Individual Project

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Barbara Antoine-Wiltshire MKTG – 1404 – 09 Introduction to Marketing Phase 5 – Discussion Board Professor Joel Maloff November 5, 2014 A. What were the most compelling topics learned in this course? The most compelling topics learned in this course are: * The Definition of Marketing and how important it is for a company to have an excellent marketing team. * The marketing strategy using the 4p’s of marketing: * Product – a good, service or idea that is provided to fulfill customer needs and wants. * Pricing – selecting the best possible price to sell the product. * Promotion – ways for communicating information about the product. * Placement – a place or location to distribute the product to the customers. * The SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and what is means to a company and their marketing team. * The demographics and psychographics of customers in marketing. ( CTU Course Materials – Introduction to Marketing) B. How did participating in discussions help your understanding of the subject matter? Is anything still unclear that could be clarified? Participating in the class discussions helped me to understand a great deal about Marketing and the strategies that are used in marketing. When I started the course I knew nothing about Marketing, I was terrified, I thought to myself oh you are going to fail this class, but with the assistance, guidance and support of not just my classmates but Professor Maloff I was able to go pass that point and learn how to apply all the tips and ideas that Professor gave and suggested. C. What approaches could have yielded additional valuable information? The approaches that would have yielded more valuable information for me would have been for me to be able to attend the live chats, at the time of the chats I was either at work or on my way home

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