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INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT Compiled by Mary Essiaw EDITED BY FREDERICK DOE INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT COURSE CONTENT Chapter One: Page Objectives of a Business 6 What is Management? The four functions of management. The management Process. Types of managers. Challenges for management in the 21st Century Management skills and roles. Chapter Two: The Organizational Environment 32 External Environment Internal Environment Chapter Three: The Evolution of Management Thinking. 36 The Classical Theory The Human Relations theory Management Science Theory Recent Historical Trends. New Management Thinking for turbulent times Definitions, advantages and disadvantages of SHRM Chapter Four: Ethics and Social Responsibility Organization 60 Managerial Ethics Criteria for Ethical Decision Making Social Responsibility Arguments for and against Corporate Social Responsibility Chapter Five: Planning 68 Definition of terms. Types of Plans. The Planning Process Tools and Techniques for Planning Management by Objectives Strategic Management (Strategic Planning) Managerial Decision Making Chapter Six: Organizing 128 Definition of Organizing Organizing Process Designing a Hierarchy of Relationship Job Design Major Organizational Concepts Organizational Design Structural Option in Organizational Design Chapter Seven: Motivation 172 Definition of Motivation The Process of Motivation Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation Theories of Motivation Chapter Eight: Groups and Teams 193 Definition of Group Formal and Informal Groups Stages of Formal Group Development Functions of Informal Groups Group Cohesiveness Definition of Teams Stages of Team Development Team

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