Introduction to Java Essay

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Syllabus for Computer Programming II: Module 1: Introduction to Java · Characterizing Java as enabler of contemporary software engineering pardiagrams as a platform, Simple programming Environment, Object Oriented, Platform independent, Safe, High Performance, Java is multithreaded, Dynamically linked, Java is garbage collected. Saving files on windows, Compiling and running .Increment and decrement operators. Print statements, Variables and data types, Comments and Command line arguments, objects, Static fields, Methods, Passing arguments to methods and returning values from methods Module 2: Primitive Data Types in JAVA · Java operators, Literals, Identifiers, Keywords in Java, Addition, Multiplication, Division and Remainder operators in Java. Operator precedence in Java. Mixing data types in Java. Converting strings to numbers. Character data type in Java. The if, else, if-else statement in Java. The While loop, For loop, Do-while loop in Java. Booleans, Relational Operators and its precedence. Logical operators in Java. Break, Continue and Switch statement in Java. The ? : operator in Java · Object Oriented Programming. Constructing objects with new, methods, Invoking methods. Implied this, member variable vs. local variables. Passing arguments to methods, returning multiple values from methods, constructors. Access protection and four levels of access protection Module 3: Array as a Data Structures in Java · Declaring arrays, Creating Arrays, Initializing arrays. SystemArraycopy(). Multidimensional Arrays. Strings, toString() Methods, Vectors. Exceptions, try-catch, the finally keyword, Catch multiple exceptions. The throws keyword, Throwing exceptions Module 4: Inheritance · Inheritance : the super class, Multilevel Inheritance, final and abstract keyword Interfaces, Implementing interfaces, Overriding Methods, Adding Methods,

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