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Introduction To Hiv Essay

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  • on May 21, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Introduction To Hiv" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

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Term papers on HIV are not that much different from AIDS term paper because more or less disease are same. The best way to gather knowledge on that topic is to look up for books and journals as well as internet help can also be taken. Mostly the format of these types of term papers is APA, MLA, and Harvard styles. Africa is the most affected country from HIV and it causes due to the direct contact of blood and sexual intercourse. HIV is of two different types and they are HIV 1 and HIV 2. Both of these infections are transmitted by having sexual contact with people and HIV 2 is not that much common but it can be observe in West Africa rather than any other part of the world.

HIV 1 has four different types and they are group M, N, O and P. AIDS is the most advanced form of HIV disease. The symptoms of HIV are not apparently understood at first glance but you can trace out like if you are having night sweats, weight loss suddenly or chronic diarrhea lasting for a month or more etc. Apart from that throat sore, muscle pain or having pain in joints is the signs of acute HIV infection. If we do neglect of having flu so it may turns into a serious infection. The symptoms of HIV can be traced in respiratory system and not that easy to diagnosis and in most of the cases it appears in last stages.

Those who are victims of HIV look normal like others and are completely well but their immune system is damaging and they are the causes of AIDS. From your surroundings you can get affected and germs that are all around us can make our immune system weak and once it does so it will be hard to fight against the disease. It is recommended that after 30 years of age you should get proper medical check up and get HIV tests done on regular basis. You become victim of HIV only when you have a direct experience with virus. These viruses usually transfers during intercourse with infected person or having infected breast...

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