Introduction to Gas Laws Essay

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Introduction to the Gas Laws Abstract: This experiment was performed to determine the relationships between pressure and volume, and between temperature and volume. The temperature in this experiment was the temperature of the room, which was 20-30 degrees Celsius. In this lab we used a plunger, sensor, and a syringe to accurately measure the pressure and volume. Without these apparatuses, our data would have been inaccurate. In the end, I found out what pressures corresponded with the volumes given. Purpose: The purpose of this lab experiment was to determine the relationships between pressure, volume, moles, and temperature of a gas. This experiment deals with the ideal gas law. This experiment helped determine the relationships between pressure and volume, and between temperature and volume. Methods/Procedure: In pat A of the procedure, a syringe and an electronic pressure sensor was provided. There were four parameters used to characterize a gas, P, V, T, and n. The plunger was set to 30 mL and the syringe was attached to the sensor. After recording the pressure in the syringe, the plunger was depressed to a volume of 20 mL. The syringe was then detached to equalize the pressure and the plunger was reset to 30 mL in order to ensure that you trap the same amount of air for your second measurement. Repeat the measurement, only this time depress the plunger to 15 mL before measuring the pressure. Next, detach the syringe and repeat the measurement again by depressing the plunger to 10 mL. Perform three measurements at larger volumes by pulling the plunger out to 40, 50, and 60 mL. Don’t forget to detach the syringe and equalize the pressure between each measurement. Seven measurements were recorded. After completing this once, repeat this series of measurements two more times. A table and graph of volume vs. pressure was created, along with a table and graph

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