Introduction to Forestry Essay

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Introduction to Forestry Issue Report Using forests as a resource has been practiced since the very first settlers arrived to North America. However, the fashion in which the practice is used has changed dramatically in the centuries that have passed. Many organizations, both private and government, have formed as different thoughts and conflicting ideals have formed as to how the forests should be used and maintained for future generations. Laws have been passed in an effort to save what forests are left and to manage them in a more effective manner than in the years prior. This issue report will go over how the practice of forestry began with the settlers and how it has evolved over the years leading up to the present. The first American colony began its foundation in 1607. The colonists were sent from England to serve as workers in the far away land to amass resources that could be used for England and sent home. As the colonists landed they discovered that a huge majority of the land in the area was covered in trees, since they has landed in what is now the north eastern area of America. The began cutting down the trees because they believed that underneath the trees would be fertile soil they could use for farming and harvesting of crops that the king wished to be grown for England. As time wore on they soon discovered that the soil was not the most fertile and suitable for the crops they were intending to grow. They however soon began to look at the timber as an important and profitable resource. The first true sawmill was opened in 1623 in York, Maine. It was then followed by another sawmill that opened in 1634 in South Berwick, Maine. The boards that were produced in the mills began being exported back to England in 1631. The primary timber that was cut and exported was the eastern white pine. As the lumber began to make its way back to England,

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