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ISY 101: Introduction to Computer Systems 1. Two reasons why it is important to upgrade your browser when a new version becomes available. - One of the first reasons is that upgrading a browser to a new version keeps a computer more secure. New browsers usually have some kind of virus threat filters that block hackers from accessing users’ computer information like cookies for example. Upgrading a browser makes an internet user less accessible to the many threats that are present online. - The second reason for upgrading a browser is that it makes web searches much faster. Instead of putting an internet user’s patience to test and make him spend a long time online, the speed of a research can allow him to finish his query in a timely fashion. A faster access to information encourages more time spent online and allows to be more efficient as well. 2. Compare and contrast POP e-mail to Web-based e-mail systems in terms of control, security, and accessibility. The web based email and the POP (Post Office Protocol) are two different ways to access one’s email messages. Each one of them has their advantages and disadvantages in terms of control, security and accessibility: - In term of accessibility, a web based email is more accessible than a POP email because one can access his or her email address from any computer and at any place as long as they can find a browser. All they have to do is to enter the web based email name in the browser like for example Hotmail, yahoo, caramail, unfortunately, a POP email doesn’t allow the same freedom. A POP email can only be accessed from a computer where the mail server has been downloaded and installed, so that would be mostly a personal computer. - A POP email however gives more control in comparison to a web based email. This is because the messages are stored on the hard drive of the computer, they can be

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