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Executive Summary In this report, we have taken one major airline, "Ryanair" in the market today and the purpose of doing so is to analyse the airline and its strategic mindset and objectives. From which we are able to analyse company's performance and forward recommendations which company should pursue to enhance its respective position in the airline market. To reach our final verdict the report will contain an in depth analyses of "Ryanair airline" Competitive Position and its industry, the industry Environment, Company's financial performance and the Strategic Directions & Methods of Development of airline. This has been done by extensive research by the use of websites, books, and journals. In addition, analytical tools such as Ansoff's growth vector, Space Matrix and Porter's Generic Strategic Framework have been used to reach our conclusion. From the above we have discovered that Ryanair is doing very well from couple of years its service and performance is improving day by day so we can say that Ryanair seems set to be heading in one direction. From these results, we have been able to derive to a conclusion and offered recommendations which company should pursue if it wishes to improve on its current position in the market. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION TO COMPANY EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT COMPETITIVE STRATEGY PORTER'S GENERIC STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE TURNOVER (SALE) OPERATING PROFIT GROSS PROFIT MARGIN CURRENT RATIO GEARING LIQUIDITY ROCE (RETURN OF CAPITAL EMPLOYED) DIRECTIONS OF DEVELOPMENT MARKET PENETRATION PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT MARKET DEVELOPMENT DIVERSIFICATION METHODS OF DEVELOPMENT CONCLUSION BIBLIOGRAPHY APPENDICES APPENDIX 1 RYANAIR MISSION STATEMENT, CSR, VISION APPENDIX 2 PESTEL ANALYSIS APPENDIX 3 PORTER'S GENERIC FIVE FORCES AND DIAGRAM APPENDIX 4 RYANAIR FINANCE APPENDIX 5 RYANAIR ANSOFF MATRIX DIAGRAM APPENDIX 6 RYANAIR SPACE
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