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Daryl is writing book Typing text is time consuming Using a secretary he shares with 2 other mgrs and some research interns to research & type book at work Since they are doing his work other depts. Can’t get their work done They do work because he is their supervisor You also have outside work you need typed You don’t want to tell because you are friend of Daryl and you never know how boss will react You think if he can why can’t you What are ethical issues? How would you handle situation. There are a few unethical issues I noticed in this scenario. The first I would like to address is that Daryl is using company time and resources to complete personal business. Although Daryl may not be the one directly doing the research or typing on company time, he is using the company’s resources. By assigning his secretary and research interns to do is personal work, they are not able to conduct their own job duties. Daryl is having them utilize their time to complete his own personal project and not the work the company may have assigned. Not only is this unethical, it is also unfair to the other departments that are affected and lacking productivity because the secretary and interns aren’t completing the work they need them to complete. Depending on the type of company this could domino in much greater consequences if not address. My opinion on this is that it is unfair and unjust because company time and resources should not be used for Daryl’s own personal gain. Daryl should consider how he would feel if he was paying someone to do a job and they did something else on his time and dime. I feel it would be important for the employees to follow the company procedure for reporting such unethical behavior. Another ethical issue that was brought to my attention was the secretary, research interns, and I (in the scenario), felt the need not to take action

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