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ANTHROPOLOGY 002: Introduction to Archaeology Fall 2009 Written Project Assignment Professor Kindon GARBOLOGY!!! Description of the Assignment For this paper, you will conduct a study of the refuse generated within a home or workplace over the period of one week and examine the relationship between known behaviors and the material remains they leave behind. Thus, you will be conducting an ethnoarchaeological experiment relating common household or office activities to the trash that they produce. YOU will become an archaeologist!!! ** YOUR PAPER SHOULD BE 8-10 PAGES & IS DUE IN CLASS ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19 ** PART I: COMPILING THE DATA (10 points total) First, you will need to pick a trash or garbage can that you typically use…show more content…
Are there any surprising results that appear when you do your comparison? Second, do your excavation results accurately reflect the timing and order of actions that resulted in the final trash assemblage? You should be able to answer this if you have paid close attention to the stratigraphy of the garbage can! How accurate is the stratigraphic record as represented in the garbage can? If it is not very accurate, why do you think this might be? Third, examine the garbage assemblage carefully and consider which items would preserve well, and which ones would most likely not preserve. Section 2: Interpreting the material record (50 points) Now for the fun part! Imagine that you are an archaeologist excavating the trash at least 500 years in the future and that you know absolutely nothing about the culture of the person or people who contributed to this garbage assemblage. Based on the material remains you recovered from the garbage can (you may also consider the broader spatial context in which the garbage can was located!), and keeping in mind your answer to the third question in Section 1, what kind of interpretations could you reasonably make about

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