An introduction to "The kid" by Charlie Chaplin

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MAKING OF THE KID CHARLIE CHAPLIN In the lesson ‘Making of the Kid’ Chalie chaplin narrates the practical difficulties faced by him while making the film ‘the kid’. After his marriage with Mildred Harris, Charlie realized that his creative abilities are going down and he could only complete a three reel comedy named ‘sunny side’. To get some distraction from his mental distress he visited the Orpheum one day. There he watched the amazing presentation of an eccentric dancer. By the end of the session, he came forward with his 4 year old child, Jackie Coogan to bow the viewers. They loved the way in which the boy played the small performance on the stage. They went back but the child appeared again and played another piece, which was far better than the first one. The next week, while talking with his friends Chalie talked about Jackie who bowed with his father on the platform. One friend revealed a shocking news that Jackie coogan had been signed up by another director named Roscole Arbuckle. This news struck him like a fork lightening. A lot of ideas flew into his mind. A window mender and the little kid wandering around the street, one reparing and the other breaking it would be a marvelous scene on the screen. Charlie came to know that it was useless to talk about the child as well as making plans and projects with him. He called the production crew for rehearsals the next morning. He was in a state of me ntal doldrums. Another friend even suggested that a little Negro boy could be used in the place of Jackie coogan. Carlisle Robinson, their publicity man, came to the stage breathless and told that it was Jack Coogan, the father of Jackie who had signed up with Arbuckle. Charlie told his men to contact the father over phone. When his father came it was a great happiness for Charlie. He went on talking about the child’s ability and his proposal to make

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