Introduction "Tell Me, Sir,... What Is 'Black' Literature?" by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

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While reading the article Introduction: “ Tell Me, Sir… What Is ‘Black Literature?” By Henry Louis Gates, Jr. I began to recite the mentioned time periods with other historical events that were simultaneously occurring in different parts of the county, and around the world. Such as, in Africa, Europe, and the south of the United States where blacks are not the people with many opportunities to do things that will make blacks better intelligent people. For example, blacks were not able to read publications of their own choice, have the same rights as white citizen, and not able to have the right to walk where every they decide to walk without being beating up by whites. Whites did not allow blacks to have the flexibility they wanted because they did not want blacks to benefit themselves from publication. The report also highlighted writers that before this provision had not been discussed in any of my high school classes. Although, one thought that writers such as, Alice Walker and Gloria Naylor, two powerful young ladies during the nineteen-century that brought about the great work for the society. For example, during that time they both were able to published several novels and poetry. However, later they both where awarded, The National American Book Award for their hard work, enthusiasm and their potential, so the black community voices can be heard. Even to this time they are still well known literature writers that will always have a significant impact of the feminist movement. The society being an area of destruction during the fifties through the nineties time was difficult for those in the black community. Such as, the Black Aesthetics movement, civil war, and the article on Soyinka that many black educators found eager. It was someone liked Soyinka; who ignited conversations with others that brought change for the black community. However, motivated
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