Introduction Of Telenor Essay

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Introduction to the industry The telecom industry is primarily a collection of firms and companies which provide phone service, data or entertainment to consumers and businesses. In Pakistan the telecommunication industry is considered the fastest growing industry with the highest per year growth rate in tele-density worldwide (Atta, 2008). When we view the pace at which this industry is growing we can rightly deduce that it has become the back-bone of Pakistan’s economy. It is the source of numerous employment and investment opportunities and generates a significant amount of revenue because of its huge customer base. Furthermore the industry is also responsible for developing and enhancing the communication process by providing a vast amount of facilities which enable users to connect globally in more reliable, safe and convenient ways. The expected growth of the industry is in the next 3 years estimated to be 50% with further increases due to the introduction of new technologies such as the 3G in cellular services and the internet service provided throughout the country. It is estimated that about 1 million new customers are added to the number of cell subscribers which by March 2009 were 91,442,341 (Afzal, 2009). More than 2% of the share of GDP of Pakistan is generated from telecom, this industry holds more than ‘US$ 1,438 million of foreign direct investment making 27% of total foreign investment, which is more than any other industry including banking and manufacturing in Pakistan ‘ (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority 2007, P.2.). References Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (2007). Annual Report 2007-2008, Economic Performance of Industry, Chapter 1, P.2., Published: 5th June, 2009, Downloaded from: Afzal,M. (2009). Telecom Industry, P. Accessed 8Th May

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