Introduction of Computers and Technology to Children.

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ASSIGNMENT: The introduction of computers and technology to society has had an interesting effect on the lives of our children. Over the years, computers have become a necessity, with many households having a computer, and with an estimated 2.2 million children between the ages of 5-14 in Australia alone having access to the internet or a computer, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Children have become extremely connected with computers and the internet, using them at home, school, childcare, or in any setting. 95% of schools in America are now connected to the internet. The traditional way of learning has been changed widely as computers now play a significant role in childhood development. It has been debated as to whether this much technology is beneficial for our children's wellbeing, but we can all agree on one thing: If computers play such a large role in the lives of children, it is important to ask what type of impact they are having. Good or bad? The internet holds every piece of information known to man-kind, which means that computers are extremely helpful for students in school or at university. There are many excellent educational software programs available on the internet to help children learn. These programs aim to improve the child's skills in vocabulary, maths, typing and much more. They make learning a lot easier for children and for teachers, giving them a much more efficient way to learn, unlike the traditional textbooks. Surprisingly, according to Jayel Gibson, a journalist who wrote an article on the benefits of computer games says that computer games are somewhat beneficial to our children's learning aswell. A lot of computer games are designed to help children learn language and logical thinking. Children will always prefer to play games than to study. When games are both entertaining and educational, children end up

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