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Hello, everyone. My name is Sang A Lee, and from now on, I will introduce myself with this contents. Chap 1, introduction. Chap 2 is about my writing 1 about my dream to be a teacher. So I begin. I am a senior at Ewha Womans university studying to get my Philosophy major. I was born and raised in Bundang still live in. I live in an apartment with my mother, father, sister and a cat called Siho. My parents always say that when I was young, I was very active baby. Like this photo, I go outside in morning and play with friends all day long. I have an appetite for looking after or teaching someone even if I am the youngest child of the group. Third, I will tell you the three important events in my life. When I was five, I go to Brunei located in Asia. It was quite interesting experience because in Brunei most people is in Islamic practices. I could know their custom, culture that’s so different from Korean so I can get high adaptability. Second one, when I was 15 years old I meet my best friends I have never met. They always motivates me. Sometimes they encourage me, sometimes they put their finger about my fault so that next time I will do better than before. Third one, I was 20 years old I enter into Ewha and have a funny campus life. I don’t regret it though I have a poor grade in freshman because I just go travel, play or do something instead of study. It was an unrepeatable experience!! In my life, there is three favorites that make me passionate. First one is traveling. I feel free when I go traveling and take a breath. That’s why I like it. Second one is watching baseball game and cheer up the players. When the team wins the game, I could feel a sense of accomplishment as I win. So I like it. Above all, now my favorite activity is teaching my students. I am going orphanage and teach elementary students every Monday and Thursday. I major in only philosophy

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