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CHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION 1. Background to the study Many colleges of foreign languages in Viet Nam have made great efforts to improve English skills for their students. The universities always find the different and best methods of training for each skill. However, their students still always meet different difficulties in English skills, especially English speaking skill of the first year students. Speaking is a very important skill to English learners. Some has a rich English vocabulary, but they are not confident to communicate. The others, in contrast, are confident, but they do not pronounce exactly. So, why do they meet that difficulties and how to help them overcome them. We have set up research about the difficulties in speaking English and take the object is freshman in HUCFL. 2. Research aims HUCFL students come from different places so an educational background is also different. Many students live in the city should have the opportunity to cultivate their English skills, the ability to communicate with foreigners makes them more confident. But the students in rural areas have fewer opportunities to practice speaking English outside school. However, when entering the university environment they all face many common problems. In this study, we wanted to go deeper into one aspect of it is to being learning english speaking skills. Because the main goal of the students is at school HUCFL, they can find a job as desired, it can be a teacher or as a tour guide in the future. So finding difficulties and solutions are helpful for them to realize the difficulties encountered when communicating in English. From there they enhance their ability to communicate. On the other hand, this study helps teachers find teaching methods suitable for students. 3. Research questions Our topic includes three research questions: 1) What are HUCFL

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