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Introduction to equality and inclusion in health care, social care or children and young people’s setting 2:3 describe how to challenge discrimination in a way that encourages change. Sometimes someone says something or undertakes an action which is blatantly unacceptable or discriminatory. On these occasions, if after dialogue and discussion their behaviour continues – you may have to take further action away from the incident or event. ‘The best way to challenge the discriminatory attitudes of a social care worker or an individual is to talk through their behaviour With them and explain that discrimination will not be tolerated. This is not done in an aggressive manner, but instead in a way to Try to get that person to recognise that they are adopting a negative attitude – this has to be explained clearly but also in a gentle And open-minded way. It could be done if it’s a social care worker during an appraisal as this allows people to question their Behaviour and make appropriate changes or in a private meeting with a service user that again allows them time to think – it may Be that people are reminded of the impact discrimination can have and what the workplace policy and procedure says about these. All discrimination must not be tolerated and must be reported immediately to a senior member of staff. 3:1 identify a range of sources of information, advice and support about diversity, equality and inclusion Information – from individual, advocate, care plans, policies, procedures, guidelines, legislation and codes of practice Advice – from manager, key worker, advocate Support – from manager, colleagues 3:2 describe how and when to access information, advice and support about diversity, equality and inclusion Working with a diverse range of people could cause different situations that require further information, advice and support

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