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“All Hell Broke Loose” English 101 “I certify that I authored this paper. I have fully acknowledged and disclosed in the paper with proper APA citations and references any information or assistance in the research ad development of the paper. I also verify that this paper was prepared by me specifically for this course.” “All Hell Broke Loose” A cliché is a saying or an expression that is often said, and very often overused. It often looses it original intended point and ends up being something that people use to fit their intention and purpose for that moment. “All Hell Broke Loose”, is a saying that, one can truly relate to. As a health care professional, it is very typical for this to happen at least once a week, on any ward, and at any facility. This “hell” never happens while you are in the midst of your shift; it saves itself to be savored by the veterans of the profession. It always is careful, as to time itself, at the beginning or end of the shift. It is one of those things that if it doesn’t happen at least once a week, you begin to wonder if anyone acknowledges that you exist. If this cliché is applied to everyday life then, it has followed many personally. It has come to be a standard, for the many that have lived through very difficult times and tough situations. This cliché is something that one almost grows to expect and grows to know individually. It is, as if nothing is in control mode. The entire situation is spiraling at once, and in an out of control setting. This condition would describe 65% of the population at any given time. These are those existing, not knowing what to expect when, or where to expect the “hell” to land. This phrase has a background of origin, surely. “All hell broke loose” did not merely

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