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Cindy was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and has lived in several US Cities due to the nature of her father’s job (Retail Management). She considers Denver, Colorado her home. Natasha is the mother of 3 lovely daughters, Cathy (12) Cecelia (4) and Corrine (4 months). She is a family oriented and caring and devoted individual. Cindy is an independent contractor providing administrative services. Cindypartners with clients in ongoing collaborative relations in helping them with projects ranging but not limited to word processing, accounting and bookkeeping functions. Her experience includes working with Georgia Financial and Tex Systems, a subsidiary of Arrow Tex. Cindy is also a stay at home mother to her children and is excited that her business provides her with the opportunity of being at home with her children. What I find very interesting about Cindy is that she is very detailed oriented which brings a lot of value to the Georgia salesTeam. She is an excellent writer with great analytical skills. She has a strong determination to succeed which also brings value to our team. Cindy has overcome a lot of adversities in life which has shaped her to become the strong confident woman today that I present to you today. Her inspiration comes from her parents, grandmother, her children and her younger sister. The Georgia sales team has synergy and was able to communicate easily from day one. Cindy along with all of our team members are very excited about what we are able to accomplish together as a

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