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Chapter 12 Writing the introduction, body and conclusion First: writing the introduction - the introduction should establish the problem - the body should present the evidence - the conclusion should arrive to answers, judgments, proposals and closure. * The introduction and the body lead to the demonstrative conclusion Techniques used when crafting the introduction. 1- Provide the thesis statement, Enthymeme, or Hypothesis. Generally, the controlling statement appears early in the introduction to establish the agenda for the paper or appear late to set the stage for the analysis to come in the body. - Provide the Enthymeme. Using a ( because clause ) to make a claim the writer will defend, it also determines the direction of the paper. (noble savage) - provide a Hypothesis. It is a theory which needs to be examined and tested to prove its validity, it doesn’t matter whether the validity is approved or not, Eg:- the object of this study is to examine how well diabetes is controlled by medicine. 2- relate the well known. Eg:- TV, radio, newspapers……………..specialized magazine. 3- provide background information. ( could be relevant or not) The aim is to refresh the reader’s mind about the topic. 4- literature review. The importance of it. Where the writer stands. 5- take exceptions to critical vies. The write may take a different point of view about certain topic. 6- challenge an assumption. This type of introduction presents a well-known idea or general theory in order to question it, analyze it, challenge it or refute it. Eg:- one fourth Christians. 7- provide a brief summary. To refresh the reader’s memory Eg:- Bush and war. Writing the introduction 1- subject: identify your specific topic, and then define, limit and narrow it to one issue. 2- Background: relevant historical data, key sources that touch on your issue, relevant

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