Introducing a Bill Into Law Essay

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Running head: INTRODUCING A BILL INTO LAW A Bill into Law Grand Canyon University POS 300 12/13/09 A Bill into Law There are various ways or methods to introduce a law in the state of Arizona. Before a law can be introduced in the state of Arizona it has to be introduced as a bill. The procedures are followed strictly by the law. First the bill is introduced in the House in one of the following ways, a member or a group of member, a committee that is a majority of a committee or a standing committee. The Legislative Council writes a proper form of the bill and the bill is assigned a number. After the bill is read it is referred by the Speaker to an appropriate Standing Committee and to the Chief Clerk, to be printed and distributed. The committee can consider the bill by hearing, testimonies, statements from the citizens, and expert testimony. This report is sent to the Whole House Committee with rules that determines if the bill is constitutional and is in proper form. The Rules Committee places the bill on the Active calendar, and the Speaker sets the order in which the measures will be considered. The entire House membership that acts as one committee has an informal session to debate and make recommendations on the bill that’s on the calendar. There is another reading of the proposed Bill by the House. With a Roll Call, every member has to vote, unless they were excused. A member may not vote for another member. If the bill passes by the House, the bill goes to the Senate. There is another reading of the bill in which names of each Senator are called in alphabetically order. Each Senator that is present must vote on each measure. Once again the entire membership of the Senate acts as one committee. There are debates, amendments and recommendations of the Bill that is placed on the calendar. The Rules
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