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Intro to Sociology Assignment Essay

  • Submitted by: lolata1234
  • on June 24, 2012
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After graduation, you and your team all got jobs at NASA. You are in charge of launching the space shuttle. Just a few minutes ago, you discovered that a meteor is rocketing toward earth and will likely destroy civilization. You all bravely agree to stay on the ground since the shuttle cannot be launched without you. However, you now have 10 minutes to choose four individuals from the tour groups that is in your command cneter right now. They will get on the 4-person shuttle and travel to NASA's Moon Base. They will have enough supplies there to live for generations, but the accomodations are very basic and must be built up by the group.
List the 4 you choose to go in the shuttle and specify why you're choosing them. For the 4 you are not selecting, specify why you opted not to choose them.

23 year old perky, sweet, lesbian chef Rachel
65 year old MD, Ralph
10 year old Billy, who is heavily involved in scouting
Billy's twin, Jamie who is quiet and shy
50 year old Terry (kindly, has 3 grandchildren, very handy)
35 year old Andre, an engineer who was disabled in a car accident
40 year old Tisha who has one child and works as an accountant
72 year old minister, Carol, an experienced counselor

Four individuales that I would choose would be the following:
1. 23 year   old chef Rachel was chosen because I think a need of a chef is a necessety for survival.
2. 40 year old Tisha was chosen because I think her experience as an accountant is important in using logic and professional experience for a team to endure and work together.
3. 72 year old minister, Carol was chosen because I think the wisdome of counseling services and spiritual support is very important for a team to solve many problems and conflicts that might arise.
4. 65 year old MD, Ralph was chosen because I think a need of an experienced doctor would be a necessety to survive at NASA in case of medical need for other people.

Four other individuals were not chosen...

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