Intro to Schizophrenia Essay

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Being Diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Part I: Diagnose When the general public thinks about schizophrenia, the first idea that comes to mind is “split personality,” or a serial killer. These misconceptions should be put aside and realize that the disorder does more harm to victim than anyone else; as in a 10-13% victims have committed suicide (Fields, R. D). In fact, statistically speaking, schizophrenia suffering people commit violent crimes the same amount compared to someone who does not suffer from the disorder. However, we will move away from debunking misconceptions to symptomology of the disorder. Sufferers of schizophrenia perceive the world much differently than others which can be simply interpreted as psychosis, a loss of contact with reality. Positive symptoms of the disorder would be a psychosis which can filled with either delusions, which are false beliefs about the world (e.g aliens planted a recording device in your head) or a type of hallucinations, a false sensory perception (Beidel, D. C., & Bulik, C. M.). Such psychotic experiences make the victim fight within themselves in order to maintain their reality like a hallucination telling them that they have been located and found. However, these symptoms should be viewed differently rather than self-criticism. Usually these voices are a more negative commentary that persist throughout the day (Beidel, D. C., & Bulik, C. M.). Another positive would be disorganized thinking which can usually assessed through speech. A speech pattern that would raise a flag is known as thought blocking. While conversing, patient’s speech would have long pauses which make it very difficult to follow the conversation. Loose association, thoughts that have no logical pattern to the conversation, would be another sign of disorganized thinking. Besides the positive symptoms, there would be negative signs that

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