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Student ID: 00039944 Lecturer: Mr. Simon Lee Subject: Introduction to the Culture of Trinidad and Tobago CRN: 16041 David Rudder is a well known calypsonian, over the last 20 years I would say that David Rudder is not only a calypsonian but a visionary, master craftsman and one of the pioneers who has helped shaped the musical culture of Trinidad and Tobago. David Rudder full named David Michael Rudder was born in Belmont, Trinidad on May 6, 1953 and was one out of nine children. It was at school where he first discovered that he was interested in art, painting and sculpture. At the age of 11 he had joined a group called the Solution. Before he started singing with the solution, he was an apprentice to the late Ken Morris, where he studied the elements of the working class culture. In 1977, he joined a brass band called Charlie’s Root and throughout his teenage life he sang as a back-up singer and for years he worked behind the scenes in calypso tends and studios. Rudder had his first break when the lead singer from the Charlie Roots fell ill and suggested that his friend Rudder be his temporary replacement. After Rudder stayed on as a lead singer, he then decided to step beyond his role as a lead singer for the band and entered the domain of the calypso tent as an individual artiste and recorded his own music and writes his own songs. In 1986, he brought out the album “The Hummer”, which produced two big hits “The Hummer” which was a tribute to the late pianist Rudolph Charles and “Bahia Girl” which won him the Calypso Monarch title. In addition, in that same year, he also won the Young King Title, the Road March and wrote the winning Panorama tune. In 1987, he released his song called “Calypso Music” which was a brilliant and classical story of the history of calypso, and in 1988 he also released his best album of all times Haiti, which

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