Intro to Meteorology Essay

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Tentative Study Guide for Exam 1 ENSP 022: Fall, 2008 The exam will include true false, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer sections. Chapter 1: Properties of the Atmosphere: •Convert between Fahrenheit and Celsius in either direction •You won't need to convert to or from Kelvin, but you will want to know how the Kelvin scale is defined. o Know the points where water freezes and boils. •How the Earth's tilt causes seasons- The seasons depends on the tilt of the earth because it determines how much sun either the Northern or Southern Hemisphere is exposed to. •Know enough about seasons to avoid saying that they have anything to do with distance from the sun o The tilt of earth dictates if we see direct sunlight or we’re missing out. •Know how and why the temperature changes in the atmosphere as you go up through the troposphere and into the stratosphere o Troposphere cools with height because the primary warming source is the earth’s surface. o Stratosphere warms with height because it absorbs the UV radiation and warms up. •Know how and why pressure changes as you rise in the atmosphere o Pressure decreases with height because there is less air on top of you. •Be able to give an explanation of what is atmospheric pressure O Atmosheric pressure is the pressure exerted on the earth by the weight of the air above it. •Know what the average sea-level pressure is o 1012 to 1014 mb •Understand vapor pressure, saturation vapor pressure, and relative humidity, using a figure similar to figure 1.2 o Vapor pressure – pressure from water vapor. Tells us how much moisture is in the air. Relates to the dew point. o Saturation vapor pressure – How much moisture the air can hold. Relates to temperature. •Understand why homes

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