Intro Anthro Analysis

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Dey 1 Samuel Dey Section 17 Final Paper Fair and Flawless skin products are a line of skin bleaching and moisturizing creams. They are distributed by a company in Garden City, New York. The Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Center of Virginia is run by a man named Dr. Hubbard, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In this paper I will show how the websites for each of these contributes to the discourse producing false conceptions of normal Americans; the medicalization, ethnicization, and racialization of skin color and facial features; medical and scientific discourses that value some physiological features and devalue others; and the co-modification of identity. From Martin, we know that people think in terms of frames (Martin, 73). In our brains, concepts are understood mainly by relating them to something else. When trying to explain something new to a person, one inevitably uses the word “like” or something close. Before establishing a new piece of knowledge, a link must first be made with something already known. A computer is like a brain; French is very similar to Spanish; the sun can fit 1,300,000 Earths inside it. When the facts do not match what the frames contain, a person is likely to ignore the facts. There is one concept in particular that could account for the demand for the Fair and Flawless skin products: uniformity. The assumption is that a normal person has no irregularities in the color of their skin – it should be the same everywhere. But because of perfectly natural wear and tear, discolorations occur. They may be caused by sunlight, regular abrading (as of elbows or knees), or any number of things. The website's sales pitch employs the normalized view of women as soft, pliable

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