Intrinsic & Extrinisc Motivation

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Question: How would you describe Larry Ellison's personality? Larry Ellison’s personality can be deduced using the Big Five Personality Model: Extraversion – Low Larry Ellison’s 30 minute profanity riddled speech goes to say he is not bothered about its effects on the people it was directed too. Neuroticism - High In his speech he was highly critical of everyone else except Oracle’s own business failure in application software. Larry has managed to develop foes in the form of his former chief employees. He also is well known for firing people and is critical of his former President and Senior Executive, refusing to replace them. He is a control freak and will do his best to destroy anyone that is seemed brighter than him Agreeableness – Low Larry is not too concerned with the well being of others and will not settle for anything less than a win. Conscientiousness – High Larry is highly competitive and has an attitude to win at all costs. He relishes those that challenge him and will strive to outdo a his competitors. Openness to Experience - Low Larry is not open to new ideas and would only want things done his way as he is known as a control freak. What effect did his personality have on decision making at Oracle? Ellison’s neuroticism attitude could have had a negative impact on his staff but his unwillingness to settle for anything less than a win might have propelled his staff to work extra hard out of fear. His staff would be the type that listens to him and executes his ideas rather than contributing to creativity hence decision making would be stereotyped to Larry’s decisions on the business which is low openness to new

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