Intricatie Relationship Between Education and Literacy Levels in Zambia Essay

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The development of any nation cannot only be measured by the growth of its economy alone but also by the literacy levels of its people. An illiterate person is one who has never been to school. Kelly(1991) describes an illiterate population those with no schooling or with no more than a grade 4 education. While development is ‘a purposeful change in the society that contributes to the social and economic well being and advancement of its people without creating any disharmony’. Literacy can also mean one who does not know how to read and write. However, It should not just be seen as simply the ability to read and write but also the ability to critically understand the situation and give it meaning. In Zambia today most of the people are totally illiterate- meaning that they cannot read, write or even understand simple facts of their daily lives. Although some people can read and write, their daily lives does not actually require these skills, these are said to be ‘functionally illiterate’. Most of the people who are living below the poverty line are those who are illiterate. They cannot afford the basic necessities of life. If a nation is said to be developed then its citizens should be able to fulfil their material, spiritual and societal needs. Development broadens people’s choices, these choices reflect the desire to lead a long and healthy life, acquire basic knowledge and have access to resources essential for a decent standard of living, however, development does not happen in a vacuum, you need to have people who are educated, have the desired skills and these people should also be competent people. If a nation has more people who are illiterate, then it is likely that, that nation will not develop as fast as a nation which has people who are literate. ‘There exists an intricate relationship between development and literacy levels in a country’. This essay

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