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- 246 - Module 11 INTRAVENOUS THERAPY INTRODUCTION An intravenous infusion (IV) is the installation of a large amount of fluid and/or electrolytes, or nutrient substances into a vein. It is given to patients who require extra fluid or to those who cannot take fluids or nutrient substances orally. An IV is also a port for administration of medication. A physician is responsible for ordering the type of solution, the amount to be given, and the rate at which it is to be infused. It is the responsibility of the nurse to carry out the physician’s order by correctly and efficiently starting the IV and by regulating the desired flow rate. All nurses must guard against harmful complications by properly maintaining the infusion and frequently assessing the patient’s response to therapy. OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this module, you should be able to: • Discuss the causes of fluid and electrolyte imbalance. • Identify the indications for administering intravenous (IV) fluids. • Discuss the content of and reasons for administering nutrient solutions, electrolyte solutions, and blood volume expanders. • List the equipment needed for starting an IV infusion. • Differentiate between the types of intravenous solution containers. • Differentiate between the type of administration sets/flow rate. • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of selected antiseptic solutions. • Describe various IV needles and catheters. • Select the appropriate equipment to begin an infusion. • Properly assemble IV equipment before administering an infusion. • Prepare a patient psychologically and physically for an IV administration. • Identify various venipuncture sites in infants and adults. • Discuss the role of the LPN in IV therapy. • Apply appropriate techniques in performing a venipuncture. • State appropriate procedure for addressing an IV site. • Calculate drops

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