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[pic] The real insight on Jason and Madea’s relationship. . So far in the play Madea, the king’s daughter Madea has fallen in love with Jason. Jason expressed in the story that he wants to remarry. Unfortunately, he “wedded the yellow-haired child of Creon” because of his desire for “fine friends, and worldly advantages.” (Euripides, 10) In the beginning of the play, the nurses have a bad feeling that something has been troubling Madea. With this insight, you’ll find out how badly Jason’s inconsiderateness has affected the life of Madea. One should sympathize with Madea because she has let this have an affect on her relationship with her kids. She relates the horrifying thought of death to her children by stating that it’s her wish not only for herself but also for her children. She wants everything to result in “destruction”. (Euripides, 13) She feels as thought the only way to wash away her pain that her husband has left her is death. Alert! This is not the way to feel . . One can foreshadow, that something bad will happen due to her lamenting vibe. Now, we can focus on the fact that she has let this burden affect her appetite. In the beginning of the play, the nurses’ show their care for her children’s well being since they wanted to “take the children away from her quickly.”(Euripides, 13). In fear of what might happen to the kids, they do everything in their power to exclude them from this horrid situation. The situation has made everyone around Jason result to depression. It leads to the following question and idea: How do you feel about the saying “cheaters never prosper”? Can it apply to relationships? The answer is yes. If we take a look inside the dynamic relationship of Jason and Madea, we would see that Jason is the perfect example of a cheater. For instance, without being aware of Madea’s feelings, he just took it upon himself to marry
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