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Into the Wild Chapter 1 The novel begins with us meeting the main character as he is hitchhiking on an Alaskan road. He enters the car and asks the driver to drop him off at the farthest point of Denali National Park. When they get to there destination, the driver tries to give “Alex” some supplies such as food, sleeping bags, and clothes. Chapter 2 This chapter starts off talking about the old back country and how the miners lived off the land up here while they were working. It also explains how when the miners were done there work, they left an old bus in the woods for anyone to stay in it while they were out there. This bus is where they found McCandles body. Chapter 3 In this Chapter we meet Wayne Westerberg, a man who knew Chris McCandless as “Alex” before his death. Alex was hitchhiking one day. The weather was bad and Alex was not ready, so Westerberg asked him to stay on with him for a while. Alex spent three days with Westerberg; before leaving, Westerberg told Alex to find him if he ever needed work. A few weeks later, Alex found Westerberg and began working for him. Alex moved on when Westerberg had to serve time for involvement with “black boxes.” Alex stayed in touch with Westerberg and as he traveled on, claimed he was from South Dakota. Chapter 4 -11 Need help Chapter 12 This chapter discusses Chris’s life when he graduates from high school. It talks about the surprise party that his parents were throwing for him and when his parents took him down to choose his college courses. Ever since his college experience, Chris lost contact with his parents. Chapter 13 This chapter talks about Chris’s sister, Carine, and what is going on in here life before and after her brother’s death. It talks about some of the memories and what she did when she found out her brother died. Chapter 14 This chapter discusses McCandles

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